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Vaiṣṇava - the Devotee of the Lord

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Radha, Krishna and Manjari Seva
Artist: Śrī Kunjabihari dās Bābājī

    The folowing essays, books and texts are free and most can be found on the internet. My desire is it to provide a sellection of Vaiṣṇava texts to help support the spiritual practise.
    For the files; right click save as ...

    "Any stream of thoughts that emanates from our minds keeps a samskāras (culture, conditioning) within our (sub) consciousness, and the aggregate of these samskaras form our svabhāva (nature). Just as our present nature is the result of previous samskaras, our future nature will be the result of our present customs. By giving up our mundane samskāras and developing a spiritual samskāras we can gradually control the mind and tread on the path of bhajan."

    (Śrī Ananta dās Bābājī in the commentary of Manah Śikșā Vers 1)

Śrī Rādhā says to the disguised Śyāma: ...


"We are like a single wick which is split at the top into two, standing in a vessel filled with the oil of love, forming two spotless flames which illuminate the darkness of each others' shadows and give joy to all the nearby standing sakhīs.

When the strong gale of separation starts blowing and causes the two flames to flicker and almost go out, then our girlfriends anxiously come closer to give us shelter from the wind and to bring us to the abode of Our happiness."

(Prema Samputa 109-110)


  1. Books

    The Bhagavad Gītā as it is with commentary by A.C.B.V. Swami Prabhupāda. What can I say? When one is in a dark well, one needs light to come out... The Gītā is indispensible for any striving transcendentalist.
    The Sārārtha Darśinī Commentary of Bhagavad Gītā by Śrīla Viśvanātha Chakravati Thākura

    The Spiritual Master Who is a Guru? What are his qualities? by Śrī Ananta dās Bābājī
    The Devotee Who is a Devotee? by Śrī Ananta dās Bābājī
    The Holy Name The Holy Name by Śrī Ananta dās Bābājī
    Rasa tattva vijnana What is Rasa (Mellow or Taste)? mundane and transcendental mellow. by Śrī Ananta dās Bābājī
    These last 4 books are translated by Madhumati dasi. For more please visit her Webside

    Śrī Śrī Manah Śikṣa The teachings to the Mind by Śrīla Raghunātha dās Goswami. Basic literatur for every devotee. with commentary by Śrī Ananta dās Bābājī.
    Śrī Śrī Śikṣāṣtakam Śrīman Mahāprabhus own words, which show, in 8 verses, how Bhakti and Prema is felt. with commentary by Śrī Ananta dās Bābājī.
    Śrī Śrī Raga Vartma Candrika Viśvanātha Chakravati Thākuras "Moonlight on the path of passionate devotion". Defines clearly and without sentimentalism Sādhana Bhakti, Vaidhi Bhakti, Ragānuga Bhakti and many other issues, that one always wanted to know. with commentary by Śrī Ananta dās Bābājī.
    More? Amrita-Tarangini - Blog by Tarun Govinda dās. Her you can find more books on Raga Bhakti.

    Śrī Śrī Rādhā Rasa Sudanidhi sample with commentary by Śrī Ananta dās Bābājī
    Śrī Śrī Vilāpa Kusumānjali Vers 1 with commentary by Śrī Ananta dās Bābājī

  2. Texts and Exerpts

    Undesired Weeds in the Garden of Bhakti (qualities that could suffocate the Bhakti plant)
    Six Enemies of True Love - What keeps me from getting unconditioned love? (from Śrī Prema Bhakti Chandrika)
    True Humility from Śrī Śikśāstakam commentary by Śrī Ananta dās Bābājī
    What is Lust and what true Love from Vers 8 of the Śrī Śikśāstakam commentary

    Lectures by Śrī Ananta dās Bābājī
    Śrī Rādhā Rasa Sudanidhi on the 17.11.12, 22.11.12, 23.11.12
    A small collection of Śrī Vilāpa Kusumānjali lectures (engl.)

    Lectures by Śrī Vaiṣṇava Pāda dās Bābājī
    Śrī Bhakti Rasāmrta Sindhu on the 26.11.12, 09.12.12, 10.12.12, 11.12.12

    The following texts are expressions of toughts and experiences. I placed them here with the desire that they may be helpful to one or the other.
    Time and Dimension When do you live? Where do you live? About different timequalities and our 'beingstuck' there. And about some of the dimensions we could live in.
    Shelter and protection in Relationships a few thoughts on the topic of relationships with regard to the vedas.

  3. Audio

    The following recordings are from the Śrī Raga Vartma Chandrika by Śrī Viśvanātha Chakravati Thākura with the commentaries of Śrī Ananta dās Bābājī
    Śrī Raga Vartma Chandrika Vers 1, Vers 2, Vers 3, Vers 4

    These are Gurudevas lectures from 1999 until 2016 with english translation:
    Gurudevas Lectures 1999-2016

  4. Vaiṣṇava Calendar

    Never forget an Ekadaśī or a Vaiṣṇava-Celebraton day?
    Here you will find the Vaishnava Reminder.
    The Software is for Windows but works also on most Linux systems.
    This Vaiṣṇava Calendar contains all Ekadaśīs and fasting days (ISKCON and Gaudīya Math).