Sri Yugala Padasevanam

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My Seva (Service)

Counseling -- Trance Work -- Reiki -- my Background

All services that I offer are not for sale. Meaning that my attention, devotion and time can not be measured in terms of money. Therefore my services do not "cost" anything. All financial or substantial contribution are therefore understood to be a support for my future services and not as a payment.
"Those who give love, will receive."

‎Behavioral & Psychosocial Counseling (vedic and client-centered)

At crossroads or in difficuld times in our life we sometimes need a fresh perspective, that will help us, to come to the right decisions or to find our center within us again. This non-therapeutic counceling is meant to help to see the causality or coherence from a broader viewpoint, to find a way out, to support self-finding processes and encourage inner growth. The means for this could be:

- Active Listening
Does somebody has an open ear for you or does everyone just tells you what is right for you? The overflow of informations and daily challenges could lead to permanent discomfort and dissatisfaction. Here I give you the opportunity to give the burden of your worries a constuctive space, by talking about them.

- Clientcentered or nondirected counseling (based on Carl Rogers)
In the center of this is the client and not the method. Aim is not primary to find a solution to a problem but to support self-empowerment.

- Vedic Psychology
Based on the old indian texts (the Vedas), the vedic psychology offers a practical view on spirituality. The basic understanding of the own inner nature, natural connections and laws are the keys here.

- Guided Meditations and Trance-Work
Deep-rooted patterns can be changed, if one has excess to the subconsciousness. This is the place of our dormant skills and also fears. Meditation and Trance-Work can develope such skills and transform fears, so that they become our strength.

Trance-Work (Gift of positive Affirmation, Relaxation-Training)

Consciousness is the essence of our being. As aware beings we have the ability to take responcibility for our activities. Our subconsciousness accumulates ALL impressions of our senses. Therefore it is of great importance to select what we really want, because that will accept our subconsciousness as reality.

Our subconsciousness determaines almost 100% of all our daily activities, decisions and believes.
Trance Work is an ancient means to get access to our subconsciousness and to reconstruct mental patterns and believes, so that positive affirmations can be given.
A second aspect of Trance Work is the appeasement of mental waves.

The Yoga Sutras (the Yogatext of Patanjali) say:

|| yogas citta vritti nirodha ||
Connection with the inner being causes
the appeasement of the movements of the consciousness.

Trance Work serves therefore as an excellent means for body-mind relaxation.


Reiki, Pranatouch and laying hands on - Virbations of the Soul (Energy Balancing, highten Sensibility)

Touch is the first sense-perception. Security, protection and being cared for are emotions that are caused by mere touch. Our body reacts to positive touch with the emmitting of Endorphines (Hormons that are responsible for happy feelings), that are vital for our harmony and healing. Peace and relaxation floats through your body. Pleasant, harmonic energies help you to find to yourself and support the healing energies of the body. Heart-energy floats from the hands of the giver into the body of the receiver.

- laying hands on to feel youself
- Reiki to excelerate selfhealing

I belive that a high number of trainings couses or educations is not at all a guarant for a good practical seva.
Yet, in the interest of completion, some milestones of my education:

Social Work (FH)
Behavioral Health Counselor (PAM)
Teacher for inner Yoga (BYV)
alternative Practitioner-Training (Amara)
and many more training courses in the fields of Psychology, Stressmanagement, Massage and Meditation