Sri Yugala Padasevanam

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  • Vaishnava Culture and Bhakti Yoga
    Amrita-Tarangini - Blog by Tarun Govinda dās with some books and many text's mostly english. Everything you want to know about Raga Bhakti. - lot''s of ebooks by Śrī Ananta dās Bābājī - Page of Advaita dās with many articles and translations. And a book cataloge for download.
    Radha Name - ... lot's of digitalised Vaishnava books - covers the historical and theological basics of the tradition of the Gaudiya Vaishnavas.
    Vrindavan-Art - Webside with beautiful, inspiring Paintings
    the Art of Vasudeva Krishna dasa - another side with beautiful, Paintings

  • The following links are mostly in german. I will try to exchnge them with english equivalents step by step.

  • spiritual inspiring pages with documentations and movies
    CropFM - Der Radiosender für ein neues Bewusstsein - ungefilterte Informationen über Dinge, die uns in den Massenmedien vorenthalten werden...

  • Spiritual Centers in Germany and Swiss

    Findhof - A Seminar Center in Lindlar, Germany
    Ananda Dham - A contemplative place of meditation an joy (Spirituality und Ecology), Swiss
    Schweibenalp - Zentrum der Einheit (Permaculture, Ecology und Spirituality), Swiss